TKN – Swedish Standard for Pressure Vessels

TKN – Swedish code “Tryckkärlsnormer”

The following sections are included in the VVD software.


Section Description
4 Material selection and determination of allowable stresses.
5 Thinwalled spherical shells under internal pressure.
6 Thinwalled spherical shells under external pressure.
7 Thinwalled cylindrical shells under internal pressure.
8 Cylindrical shells under external pressure.
8.2 Stiffening rings.
9 Thickwalled cylindrical shells under internal pressure.
10 Unstayed domed ends under internal pressure.
11 Unstayed domed ends under external pressure.
12 Conical shells under internal pressure.
15 Reinforcement of openings and branch connections.
16 Strength factors.
17 Bolts in flange connections.
18 Flanges.
19 Composite flanges.
20 Flat internal covers.
21 Bolted flat external covers.
26 Flat heat exchanger tubesheets.