TBK2 Norwegian Standard for Pressure Vessels

TBK2 General Rules for Pressure Vessels

The following sections are included in the VVD software module.


Section Description
5.2 Material selection and determination of allowable stresses.
6 Cylindrical and spherical shells under internal pressure.
7 Conical shells under internal pressure.
8 Cylindrical, spherical and conical shells under external pressure.
9 Dished heads.
10 Flat unstayed heads and flat covers.
11 Stayed flat heads and flat covers.
12 Stays.
13 Reinforcement of openings in shells under pressure.
14 Strength factor of rows of holes in cylindrical shells.
15 Tubes.
16 Cylindrical furnaces under external pressure.
17 Rectangular headers.
18 Flanges.
19 Composite flanges.
20 Screws in flange joints.
21 Flat heat exchanger tubesheets.