Report Generator

Report Utility

The report generator will produce a report by gathering input information and calculation results stored in the active file. This option should usually be invoked after all components and calculations has been performed and stored in the active file, however it can produce preliminary results at any time as the design progresses. View an automatically generated report in PDF file format.

The options available for reporting are as listed.

Index of Printed Calculation

This will provide a page reference for all components and calculations.

History of Revisions

This option will list all the components and calculations with the revision number and date and time it was last stored in the active file.

Design Data & Process Information

This option will show all the design data & process information related to all Process Cards in this active file.

Weight & Volume of Vessel

Calculations of weight and volume are performed for all components. The components are grouped according to their Process Card and a summation of results are done for each group and also for the complete vessel. The reported items are Unfinished Weight, Finished Weights, Total Volume, Weight of Test Liquid and finally the weight the operating liquid. The finished weight subtracts material cut out for nozzles and out bore of tubesheets etc.

Center of Gravity

This option is only available for Visual Mode. Calculation of Center of Gravity is presented for three conditions :
1. Empty
2. Testing (Completely filled with water)
3. Operating Condition (Filled with operating liquid to the specified operating level.)
The x, y and z components are reported for each components. All components are grouped according to their Process Card, and the total CG for all component are reported as well as for the complete vessel. In the case of a U-Tube shell a tube heat exchanger this provides the CG at the conditions listed above for both the channel and bundle as well as the shell and finally the complete vessel. Any vessel geometry can be handled by the CG subroutine as long as the components has been given a reference to the base coordinate system.

Max. Allowable Pressure MAWP

This option will calculate the MAWP for all major components like shells and ends.

Test Pressure

This option will calculate the test pressure for all major components like shells and heads. For each component the test pressure as required by the design code, the water head and the corresponding test pressure at bottom and top of the components are calculated. The calculated test pressures are also checked against the maximum allowable test pressure based on 90% of the material yield strength.
Test pressures for testing of vessel in both horizontal and vertical orientations are reported.

Dimensions of Components

This option will list all components and its major dimensions and or significant data and information.

Warning & Error Messages

This option will generate a list of all the warning and error messages encountered during the design of the vessel. The list will clearly show which component/calculation that the messages are applicable to.

Nozzle Schedule

This option will generate a list of all nozzles and attached flanges, showing the designated flange design code (ANSI or DIN), size, type, facing info, etc.

Component Location in Global Coordinate System

This option will list the coordinates of each component at the attachment to other components, and the ID of the connecting component (ConnID).