PD5500:2003 former British Standard BS5500

PD5500-Unfired Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels

The following sections are included in the VVD software module.


Section Description
2.1-2.3 Material selection and determination of allowable stresses.
3.4 Construction categories and design stresses
3.5.1 Cylindrical/spherical shells under internal pressure
3.5.2 Domed ends
3.5.3 Conical ends and truncated cones
3.5.4 Openings and branch connections
3.5.5 Flat ends and flat plates
3.5.6 Spherically domed and bolted ends of the form shown in fig. 3.5-36
3.6.2 Cylindrical shells under external pressure (including design of stiffeners)
3.6.3 Conical shells under external pressure
3.6.4 Spherical shells
3.6.5 Hemispherical ends
3.6.6 Torispherical ends
3.6.7 Ellipsoidal ends
3.6.8 Procedure by which the departure from the mean circle may be obtained
3.6.4 Spherical shells under external pressure
3.8.3 Narrow faced flanges
3.8.4 Full faced flanges with soft type gaskets
3.8.5 Ungasketed seal welded flanges
3.8.6 Reverse narrow-face flanges
3.8.7 Reverse full-face flanges
3.8.8 Full faced flanges with metal to metal contact
3.9.2 Characteristics of perforated plates
3.9.3 Tubesheets of exchangers with floating heads or U-tubes
3.9.4 Tubesheets of fixed tubesheet exchangers
3.9.5 Allowable shell and tube longitudinal stresses
3.9.6 Allowable tube joint end load
5.8.5 Standard test pressure
Annex B.2-B.3 Cylindrical/spherical/conical shells under combined loading.
Annex F An alternative design approach for compensation using the pressure area method.
Annex G.2.2 Radial loads on cylindrical shells
Annex G.2.3 External moments applied to cylindrical shells
Annex G.2.5 Local loads on spherical shell/nozzle attachments
Annex G.3.2 Support for vertical vessels
Annex G.3.3 Support and mountings for horizontal vessels
Enq.Cas 5500/122 Local Loads on Nozzles

In addition modules for design of skirt and lifting lugs are included.