Modes of Operation

Visual Mode

Visual Mode introduces a new concept of pressure vessel design with a unique subroutine which will easily identify the components location based on a minimum number of input variables specified by the user. Based on this information the location and orientation of each component will be referenced to a Base Coordinate System (BCS).

Visual Mode Benefits

  • A General Arrangent Drawing can automatically be generated
  • Calculates weights and centre of gravity for the complete vessel
  • Calculates nozzle interaction reinforcement check(all nozzle locations are known).
  • Checks location of nozzles with regards to other components and vessels seams.
  • Enables automatic calculation of liquid head for each component.
  • Allows a Tall Tower Analysis to be performed by only giving the external load input data(all component locations and dimensions are already known).

Normal Mode

Normal Mode requires less input from the user since the location of each component does not have to be determined. However this mode of operations have limitations compared with the visual mode.

However for many types of calculations this mode will be favorable to the Visual Mode since it require less input and can easily calculate any type of components in any required sequence.

This mode of operation will be most suitable if only a limited number of components are to be calculated.