Integrated Databases

Database Information

The VVD database includes a comprehensive collection of dimensional and physical properties as listed below:

  • Bolts, Metric and Unified Threads
  • Flanges to ANSI and DIN Standards
  • Gasket properties
  • Flange facing data including RTJ facing
  • Pipes and tubes
  • Nozzle Forgings, LWN including type S and H(Heavy reinforcement)
  • Chairs on skirt
  • Over 2000 different materials to ASME, DIN, PD5500 and and all materials listed in EN13445 part 2.
  • Material density, module of elasticity and thermal expansion coefficients.

Wherever a grid image appear, the variable has a connection to one or more data bases, hence the input required values can be found in one of the data bases. To enter the databases simply position the mouse pointer over the grid image and press the left button on the mouse. The grid image will also have a letter as an of the connecting database. Shown below is a grid image with the letter P, connecting the input variable to the Pipe/tube database.

When entering the database for pipes/tubes the window shown below is activated and the user must select (from the combo box) the database to link to within the group Pipe/tubes.
The data is then displayed with the pipe outside diameter on the left two columns and the pipe in the right columns. Selection is done by double clicking on the thickness or by selecting the thickness and then press CONTINUE. Both the outside diameter, thickness and related information will be assigned to the proper input variables.