VVD New version 19.0 (2019)

Please be informed that the new version 19.0 is now available and will be distributed to all customers that have signed a maintenance contract for year 2019. This version is also in compliance with:

  •   EN13445:2014 Issue 5:2018
  •   EN13445:2014 Issue 5:2018+A3
  • PD5500:2018+A1:2018
  • AD2000:2018

The material libraries have been expanded and updated to be in compliance with the latest edition of the material standards.

In EN13445:2014 Issue 5:2018+A5 the material reduction factor of 0.9 times nominal design stress has been removed for vessels designed to Test Group 4 (TG4).

Added a new option to include thermal loads for the fatigue analysis to EN13445:2014 Issue 5:2018+A5 section 17. Thermal and pressure load cycles can act independent or the load cycles can occur simultaneously. Guidance on negligibility of additional thermal cycles in fatigue to the Annex U is also included. Furthermore, in case the pressure is constant during the thermal load cycles, the effect of ratcheting can be also be evaluated to the new Annex U.

Added EN13445-3 Section Circularity tolerance for cylinders with excess thickness. For a given shell thickness VVD will calculate the maximum circularity tolerance limit for the cylindrical shell.

Added a new option to include the increased circularity tolerance limit (as specified by the user) in the stiffener ring calculations to EN13445-3 Section

Added a check for the required minimum length of the straight flange of a dished end to EN13445-4 Table 5.4-3.


For more information related to the new release please follow the link: