3D Drawing Module

The 3D graphics are integrated in Visual Vessel Design, making it a very powerful and a useful software. It renders the actual vessel geometry in 3 dimensions, while user is building the model. Visual Vessel Design graphically illustrates how components are linked or connected. The graphic presentation allows you to easily recognize dimensional input errors as they occur.


Some other useful feature are:

  • Zooming – Camera can be zoomed in or out, to get the desired view of the model.
  • Panning – Camera can be moved in any direction.
  • Rotating – Camera can be rotated into any position around the model. The animation below shows the camera rotating along the X-Axis.


The 3D drawing module can render models in 4 different ways

  • Solid rendering.
  • WireFrame rendering.
  • Point rendering.
  • Combination of Solid and Wireframe rendering.


The 3D model can also include dimensional data and component ID/description. The model can be exported to other CAD systems like AutoCAD by using the DXF fileformat. The user can choose to include bolt holes, reinforcement pads and welds in the rendering. It’s important to remember that a high level of detail will have an impact on drawing speed.


ID tags and dimensional data can easily be switched on or off.