2D Drawing Utility

As the program name implies, Visual Vessel Design can easily provide a visualization in both 3D and 2D, of the design by drawing all components at their proper location relative to the global Base Coordinate System. This is a valuable aid in verifying the user input. The 2D drawing module allows single components, complete vessels, or any selected groups of components to be drawn on the screen or printed to scale, including a number of different options. The 2D drawing includes :

Dimensioning of Components (Annotate Functions)
File export to Autocad or DXF file formats
Zooming, Scaling and Printing of Drawings
Popup Menus

The drawing utility calculates the interception between varies components. In example the reinforcement pads/shells and nozzle/shell interceptions are drawn to exact measures and geometries.

The component(s)/vessels can be viewed from different directions, End View (XY Plane) and Side View (XZ Plane) are the two directions currently supported.

Select the ‘2D Drawing’ item in the View menu to enter 2D Drawing module. The drawing below shows the Side View (XZ) of the Cooler vessel included in the sample file COOLER.VVD.


Select the ‘View’ item in the ‘2D Drawing’ module, and then XY-Plane to view the component(s)/vessels in XY-Plane (End ViewEnd). The drawing below shows the Cooler vessel in XY-Plane (End View).


‘2D Drawing’ Menu Description


  • Action – Contains different camera operations like Translate, Rotate, Zoom and Zoom Window.
  • View – To change between XZ-View (Side view) and XY-View (End View)
  • Tag ID Dimensions – To toggle identification and dimensions of components on or off.
  • Text Size – For changing the text size.
  • Draw Selection – For selecting which component or group of components to render.
  • Save to DXF fileformat – Saves the drawing to AutoCad DXF file format.

The drawing under shows a single component (Nozzle) with the ID N.1. In general the number of dimensions on each component is reduced if it is drawn together with other components. The size of the text can also be adjusted to better suit certain layouts.